Ginkgo Health & Beauty’s resident Traditional Chinese Medical doctor is  Dr Hui Juan Gao. Dr Hui began her career with five years initial training in Traditional Chinese Medicines between 1978-1983. Since then she has updated her professional development in Traditional Chinese Medicine on a regular basis. Book an appointment at Massage Oxford Circus today
Over the last 30 years Dr Hui has become a specialist in treating infertility in women and impotency in men. She has extensive practical experience in diagnosing and treating conditions relating to the general well being of women; including problems associated with muscle and joints pain, stress and depression, reproductive, respiratory and digestive systems. You can rest assured of receiving complete care at Massage Oxford Circus
Dr Hui has also earned an excellent reputation both in China and UK for outstanding outcomes in her practice of acupunture, where she is recognised as a highly skilled acupuncturist. Dr Hui is an outstanding Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner having treated thousands of patients usccessfully in her career in China and the UK and looks forward to meeting and discussing with patients their requirements at Ginkgo Health & Beauty.

“TCM with Massage Oxford Circus”